petek, 29. marec 2013


Finaly, i was following this band from the very begining,
and after their debut with the amazing EP ˝Steeds Of Time˝ 
the unholy speed metallers VIGILANCE are back with their first opus 
called ˝Queen of The Midnight Fire˝.
I must say, that the Vigilance sound of 2013 is darker than ever, if i must compare 
their style i can say that it`s a mix of ENFORCER,IRON MAIDEN,IN SOLITUDE, ANGEL WITCH and THE DEVILS BLOOD, but with their own style and vibe.
If you like the old fashoned vintage sound and the spirit of the golden years of Heavy Metal VIGILANCE it`s the right band for you.

torek, 05. marec 2013

IRON LAMB - Grga is leaving the boys

After four years of  madness on stage, the Iron Lamb frontman Grga Lindstrom is no more part of the band.
Iron Lamb are currently trying out a few different vocalists, but nothing is set in stone yet.
The replacement for the gig in Linköping, 19/4 on RockbarLkpg will be Bragge (Tyrant, The Black)


CUCHEMAR presents: ˝Tenebrario˝

The first full lenght from the Canadian Doom Alchemists CAUCHEMAR ˝Tenebrario˝ will be released in May 2013 on San Francisco’s Nuclear War Now! Productions.
Like the first EP, 2010’s “La Vierge Noire”, “Tenebrario” was recorded at Meatlocker Studios in Ottawa.
The amazing artwork was made by the italian painter Paolo Girardi.

Advance tracks can be heard here:

petek, 01. marec 2013

HELLSCREAM debuts with solo project

The BLEEDING FIST frontman Hellscream debuts with a self titled solo project, the first EP (7``) entitled DARKNESS IS RISING will be released soon via Doomentia Records.

HERDER to release a new EP

Bad ass motherfuckers must attract bad ass motherfuckers as it didn’t take HERDER long to find a replacement for singer Nico who decided to go fight kangaroos as a full time occupation in Australia. Ché Snelting is HERDER’s new singer and what better way to really introduce him than with some new tunes? HERDER recorded two new songs which will be officially released at Roadburn Fest 2013 where the band will most likely change the Green Room at the 013 venue to a bloody red room on Thursday, April 18. HERDER IS HARDER – FUCK OFF AND DIE!

Pressing info: 300 copies on black vinyl, 100 on clear vinyl and 100 on clear/black splatter (these will only be available at Roadburn Fest and comes with special cover art) You can pre-order HERDER – Doomed. 7” in the Reflections Online store. Expected shipping is either right before or right after Roadburn Fest 2013.


Hi Harry, finally DIE HARD is back in action, tell our readers what`s
happened in this two years in the DIE HARD camp

It feels fucking nice to be back on track again! The last two years have been beautiful
in many ways. After we finished the Sodom tour in February -11 we stood with no
drummer or singer. Since H-kan left the band in March -10 we work with session
drummers at show and studio. It was a kind of a strange situation, but nothing to
step back for, I had Simon by my side and we were ready to work on. After a month
or two, we were in contact with Perra, and he turned up as a permanent member
in April -11. The same month we started to work with Conjure The Legions more
seriously, and we started to look for a singer. That was a hell of a fun time, I think
we try out 10-15 different guys, one worse than the other “hehe”. It was not until
December we began to work with me (Harry) and Simon as vocalists, but only for
one show in my home town Uppsala January -12. After that we realized that this was
the best and honest way to continue with the band, and you have heard the result in
Conjure The Legions! And we went to Blueflame studio in February and started the

After Hasse left the band, You are the only original DIE HARD member
left, can we say that you are the mind behind DIE HARD?

Absolutely you could say so, but today we are three freaks behind Die Hard even If it
was me who started this 2005. The force today is stronger than ever, and we share
the same vision and goals with this band now, and hell yeah we are ready to burn
every fucking stage to the ground, nothing can hold us back now. The hatred´s black
flame is burning strong in Die Hard than ever before!

Why Hasse left the band, and it was hard to find a replacement for him?

Hasse left the band for personal reasons, a decision he took himself and there were
nothing that we could do about it. Black as hell it was heavy fucking resolve he took,
but what the hell, I can only say that it was a good decision that he quit, now that we
have reached a new dimension now without him. The power of Die Hard is growing
bigger and bigger and it will reach higher levels with this setting of Die Hard. Fuck
yeah, it was hard as hell to find a madman who would fit in with us three maniacs, as
I wrote we before, we try out about 10-15 guys, one worse than the other, when we
really found someone that fits in the musical it not worked on the personal and social
planet, that´s the reason why we took care of the vocals ourselves!

Ok, let`s talk about the new lineup, I saw that you guys already played
a bunch of shows, how was the feelings to being on stage with the new

The hordes are: me (Harry) on bass vocals / Simon guitar vocals and Perra battery.
Simon was a member since October -10 and can be found in black metal acts Valkyria
and Ondskapt, Perra been a member since April -11 and can be found in the death
metal act Nominon. We've played some festivals and club gigs this summer, and
it worked out fucking great. The energy and chaos of this trio creates on stage is
fucking hard to beat!

Did you plan a tour?

There are plans but nothing is official yet, like our facebook and check out our
website and you will know when something happens. The only gigs that is booked
is 23th November with Aura Noir and Hellish Crossfire in Stockholm, Sweden. So it is
time to wake up promoters worldwide, book us!

Let our readers know a bit about CONJURE THE LEGIONS, I just here it
and I must say that it`s even better than NIHILISTIC VISION.

Like a tank from hell with a furious scream of death. It is nine songs that will take you
on a Metal journey through all different dimensions of PURE Fucking Metal. Fueled
with lots of variation and venomous attitude not known to man. The world won't be
the same anymore. Play it loud or simply self-immolate! Recorded in Blueflame studio
with Teddy Möller, like our past releases, and mastered by Tore at Nercomorbus
Studio. Total Thrash Metal Mayhem!

Who is the artist behind the amazing CONJURE THE LEGIONS artwork?

Juanjo Castello is the guy behind the cover art. But he
also painted 5 illustrations for the booklet. Total crazy that he managed to create this
coverjust after my words as instructions and painted up the album in one painting!

That’s fucking crazy, and of course we will work with him in the future.

Can you tell me how it comes to the collaboration between DIE HARD
and Hakkan from WATAIN?

There were never any collaboration, H-kan was a member of the band during the
Evil Always Return and Nihilistic Vision era. When our first drummer Nicke left the
band I ask my friend H-kan if he wanted to join Die Hard and he wanted to. But when
Watain released Lawless darkness he had no time for Die hard anymore so he chose
to quit.

Any last words for Blasphemic?

Thanks as hell for your interest in Die Hard, for that you will burn in hell.
Thrash Til Death
Hail Satan



I have the pleasure to talk with Gilian Adam; the leader and guitarist of the Slovenian occult heavy metal group Vigilance. Gilian, please introduce Vigilance to those who may not know you yet and talk us a little of your past and how Vigilance were formed.

Well, to sum it up nicely, we are a four-piece heavy metal band from Slovenia and we play loud and fast haha.
The band was formed on Walpurgisnacht 2010 and we have since then released a demo, an EP entitled “Steeds of Time” and we are currently heading to the studio to record our first full-length album, which should be out somewhere in the beginning of 2013.

The idea for a band like this was in my head long before I actually formed Vigilance, but it is very hard to find people who are both into this kind of music and have the right talent and dedication. In 2010, when I disbanded my previous band Rager, I met Tine and we started jamming just for fun. We covered some Iron Maiden songs, some old Rager tracks and before we knew it we were already writing new stuff. Anžo, who was Tine’s old band mate joined on bass and that was it. We recorded a three track demo entitled “R.O.D.” with me on vocals and later asked Jakob to join first as a singer and latter also as a guitarist.

I heard some rumors that you will release on vinyl and MC format the already sold-out EP entitled "Steeds of Time" so talk us a little about this release and on which label will be released.
You are very thorough with your research I see! It is true, both the LP and the MC version of “Steeds of Time” will be released in the near future, the first via Dying Victims Productions from Germany and the latter by WAR records from Portugal. I can’t give you any details about the release dates, as it is all “T.B.A.” for now, but I guess both will see the light of day before the end of the year.
All the other details will remain a secret for a while longer, but do expect some bonus tracks and a few goodies!

A random one - is Gilian Adam your real name? And if so how the hell your parents managed to give you such a name?
Believe it or not, it actually is. That I have asked my old folks quite a few times, but they never really uncovered the whole back story. I think it had to do something with an obsession with Deep Purple and possibly alcohol haha.

Your new album will be released in early 2013 via Metal Tank Records. Shall we expect the same old school spirit as on "Steeds of Time" or shall we be prepared a more darker approach to heavy metal? Also, what would be the name of the new album?
Yes to both actually. It is still the very same good old heavy metal which was featured on our EP, but with a much more personal and darkened feel overall. We really took the time to write the material for this one and I would dare say, this is a big step closer to our own unique sound and feel. 
We did not settle for a title yet, we like to have the things recorded and mixed first so we can sit down, listen to the songs and get the vision of what they represent to us in their whole.

This question is mainly related to the 4. one. From "Steeds of Time" era to nowadays I saw that the band visual presence darkened and flow into more occult waters - is just me or there is something that is changing in the overall band visual expression?
Well, we started the band two years ago with the intention to play the music we all love and have pinpointed the general borders of what we want music wise and how we want to sound but you still develop and grow as a musician and as an artist as the time goes along.
Personally, I have always been fascinated by mysterious and dark things, be it history, magick, war or just everyday life. For me it was natural to let this fascination sort of influence my music and appearance but it needed time to develop, grow and become something that is a part of everyone in the band.

I don’t know somehow but this occult flow and feeling in rock and metal groups reminds me of some "dark expects" of the hippie era and of course at the abuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances - is this also the case of Vigilance? Is your music and the creation of it also fueled and made by the help of such addictive products?
Obviously one thing leads to another and one can clearly see that the 60’s and 70’s acts such as Black Widow and Coven had a huge impact on latter rock/metal both musically and in terms of attitude, so the connection is rather obvious to me.

As for the second part, we don’t really need any drugs to be what we are as most people who know us personally would agree that we’re already mental naturally haha. So, the answer would be no. Our music comes from ourselves and from what we stand for and believe in.

With that said, I do have to say we do like to drink a few good ones and personally have nothing against drugs and alcohol hahahaha!

Going back to the music solely. When can we expect to hear a preview from the upcoming album?
I hope it will be available as soon as possible, but again I have no exact answers. If everything goes well it might be out somewhere in November or so...

What are the bands that influenced the most the sound of Vigilance?
There are many, but to just name a few, I’d say Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Running Wild, Pentagram and Candlemass.
Oh, and Dissection! Ha!

Any final words for the readers of Blasphemic Zine?
Listen to loud music and worship the Devil. Oh, and to all the girls who read your website; When Vigilance come to your town, be sure to lock in your mothers!